Optimized Patent Portfolio Management

Our experience has shown that firms who seek to accumulate the most patents, or to generate patents at the lowest possible cost, are not following an optimized strategy based on real valuation. If challenged, many of the accumulated patents are likely to fail. In fact, our experience has shown that many patent portfolios, when prosecuted at full cost at large firms, are not prosecuted with optimum client goals in mind. Getting a patent allowed by the USPTO is little assurance that is in fact valid, will stand up to an IPR challenge or properly covers the invention in 10 years when it could have tremendous value.

Optimized portfolio management is intimately tied to the real strategic and tactical goals of our clients. It recognizes the fundamental asset value of a patent portfolio and seeks to provide client-specific valuations. It is a dynamic process that is time dependent, constantly being realigned with the business interests of the client. It requires that patents be added and subtracted in optimal ways. Addition can be organic or through acquisition. Subtraction can be through abandonment, sale or divestiture. The keys to managing this process are in-depth technical and market knowledge gained through detailed evaluations of dynamic patent and market landscapes, market intelligence combined with well-defined strategic and tactical goals, and, most importantly, the willingness of senior management to respond to the actionable intelligence provided, closing the loop on the process so that there is a well-controlled feedback that keeps the process on target.

By working with Validity, a client can be assured that their portfolio can survive most challenges and provide protection against aggressive infringement. This confidence is foundational for small and medium-sized high growth innovators, universities and R&D Labs, all with critical, patentable and potentially very valuable technologies.


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