Our History

The formation of Validity grew out of our experiences working with and for Acacia Research, one of the nation’s leading and most successful publicly-traded patent licensing firms over the last decade. Our extensive patent licensing expertise embraces the legal, technical and business aspects of finding, creating, validating, litigating and managing successful patent licensing campaigns. Integrated with this knowledge is a deep understanding of the patent prosecution process.  This knowledge was essential to value and support the campaign with strategic patent continuations, divisionals and new additions.

The epiphany that started Validity is found in a simple analogy. Several years ago, we were looking back at our experiences in the patent licensing business – How did we find our opportunities? What was the result? What happens next after we completed a campaign? It became clear that we were akin to "hunter–gatherers". We found our patent licensing opportunities by “hunting” for them. Once we had exhausted the supply of opportunities in one technical field, we relocated to new “hunting” and “gathering” fields, often leaving behind the specific knowledge of that technology or application. Perhaps in many years, we could return; but for the moment, we moved on, recognizing that patents that had significant licensing potential were no longer available. Given that realization, the solution was obvious - we could change, give up being "nomadic", and become “farmers” and “ranchers”, raising our crops and cattle, like all advanced civilizations.

Today's Validity is all about working with our clients to develop, maintain and protect valid patents and portfolios, thereby providing significant and immediate financial, market and strategic value to our clients. Our legacy litigation and licensing expertise is always there when needed, one tool among many. It is our goal to be long-term partners with our clients, developing deep and lasting relationships that cover the entire scope of their patent needs.