Our Future


Validity was not founded to be just another patent licensing firm even though Validity is uniquely qualified to run a licensing campaign. One of our key strategic goals is to close the loop between patent litigation issues and better prosecution of new patents - taking what we have learned from the backend and move it to the front end - avoiding the damaging issues of patent invalidity and poor claim coverage that plague litigation and licensing campaigns. At Validity, we use intelligence and experience to continually refine methods and processes to establish client-specific patent valuation, our so-called stress-testing process. The stress-testing process considers a host of characteristics including strategic and tactical goals of the client, market and patent landscapes, freedom to operate, infringement, observability, reverse engineering and patent validity/invalidity analysis.


Giving clients better patents in optimized portfolios that are more resistant to invalidity and are of higher quality is our passion. Practically, this means that positive outcomes for our clients are more probable should their patents be challenged by inter party reviews (IPRs), used to secure licensing revenue, involved in litigation, used to seek an injunction, monetized through a patent asset sale or used to form the foundation for a new startup company seeking capital. Validity is dedicated to supporting clients that value intellectual property and want to assure that their businesses are built on a solid technology foundation secured through innovative and validated patents. For these select clients, we can and will optimize their portfolios providing strategic, tactical and actionable information and, if needed, we will draw on our legacy skills to manage and optimize any licensing or monetization campaigns that arise from their portfolios.