Dr. Richard Forber, Ph.D.

Dr. Forber has broad technical expertise with thirty-five years professional experience in high-technology research and development, industrial solutions development, product applications and interdisciplinary technical program leadership.  Most recently, he has leveraged this experience to help in identifying, defending and monetizing high-technology intellectual property.

His technical experience spans broad areas of physics and engineering, especially in areas of laser and optical systems development with applications to products and technology solutions ranging from fiber and integrated-chip-based optical systems, to advanced spatial light modulator imaging systems, to high-power solid-state laser systems, to next-generation chip lithography light sources, to x-ray optical systems, to polymer photonic applications, to wideband and high dynamic range optical communications systems, and to a variety of optical and electro-optical sensing applications.

After receiving his BSc in Physics from UCLA, Dr. Forber earned his PhD in fundamental laser atomic physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His graduate work at MIT was sponsored by a Howard Hughes Doctoral Fellowship from the Hughes Research Laboratories in Malibu, CA, where he began his industrial R&D career and spent nearly two decades in leading edge technology development.

Leaving his Senior Staff position at HRL, Dr. Forber went on to lead a variety of small business technology development programs before founding RAFOR Technologies to concentrate on technical consulting utilizing his broad background and experience. In that capacity his expertise has been instrumental in evaluating and helping to monetize dozens of high-value patent portfolios in areas such as advanced LED lighting applications, laser medical applications, sensor systems and arrays, super-resolution imaging, x-ray diffraction imaging, oil & gas energy exploration and development, and solar electrical systems, for example.

In his spare time he enjoys biking, golfing, hiking San Diego trails and beaches, SD arts and entertainment, volunteering at local PGA golf events, managing investment portfolios, cooking, California wines and crafting homemade cappuccinos.